So is it love that you must show
in that wond’rous evening glow
or is it just a burst of laughter
for us to wonder after … ?

what a stage that you have set
just to kiss the earth to bed,
so much joy up in the sky
just for you to say goodbye.





It has only just begun

Do not fool yourself that you have seen

Do not tell them that you know nothing

Do not dare yourself to play the fool

You have knowledge about the play

You are acting

and the play has only just begun.


(c) michi





autumn breeze

Plenty has arrived with a plate full of fruit
also brought along cool autumn wind and mood,
a gentle breeze, only to hide the knife underneath,
The knife we need for the fruit.

The fruits all peeled, cut, diced and sliced
The knife does not stop, till all is felled and chopped.
made juices, sweet red and purple wine.
The wind still says: hello, some more news to bring.. 

Suddenly my senses are made to feel
that breeze which brought the knife
now fills the air – a sudden chill,
a scent of snow and ice.




They say forever and once more
I am still the same like way before
They say all the best, well done and
stay the same for years to come !

With all the years so passing by
one might just stop to ask a simple why?
But to look back at all is worth the gee
– I smile – a Happy Birthday to me !


photography · poetry

to begin

To start again and live alone

A song inside is coming on strong

A bird outside does tell the tale

The wind about, turning everything pale

‘I can start again.“ a whisper 

now all gone

Oh, let’s start 

The search is on…